You Celebrate National Hotdog Month Whether You Know Or Not.

You probably didn’t even know that it WAS National Hotdog Month, did you? Well, you were likely a part of it, consciously or not. Take a journey with us, if you will back to the beginning of July. You were most likely preparing for some sort of BBQ that you were either hosting or attending. Planning to wear all your reddest reds and whitest whites to show your obligatory once-a-year undying Canadian pride. 

Maybe you even grabbed those roller blades from 1987 because, “ya know, maybe a roller hockey pick-up game will ensue in the parking lot.” All of these personal moments will be wonderful lasting memories from the summer. But here’s what you didn’t know: Amidst all the festivities and fun, hotdogs had already planted themselves in your subconscious, and became a part of your July long before Red, White, and Barbecue were even on the radar. Check this out.

Out of every single category of food you purchased for that family reunion you didn’t even want to go to, hotdogs were likely the easiest purchase to make, whether you planned to buy them before you got to the store or not. Here’s why. Hotdogs are one of the highest ranked categories in the whole store where promotions encourage shopping. Number 5 out of 103 to be exact. That means that even if you thought you were gonna be a Hamburger family this year, the second you see a huge sign across the store that reads, “WIENERS, WIENERS, WIENERS!” you run right over and check it out. Uh, because you wanted to learn more about the hotdogs on sale… and for no other reason than that… none at all…


Alright, alright, rope it back in! Let’s get down to bunsness, er, business rather. If you’re a retailer, this is huge for you. Traffic drivers like hotdogs can help you stay on top of the competition during the most outdoor grilling heavy month of the year. The kosher truth is, 22% of shoppers said that they planned to buy hotdogs because they saw a promo in a flyer, which means that you officially have reason to put pictures of your finest wieners in every mailbox in Canada. And who can claim influence like THAT?! Bun seriously, whoops, BUT seriously, Canadian shoppers rank attributes like “fresh” and “high-quality” at the top of their wiener priority lists, over things like price and offers. Which works great because if you’re a manufacturer of high-quality dogs, or a retailer trying to drive traffic in the scorching July heat, you’ll be pleased to know that 72% of those promotional purchases were ONLY made because of the promo. “What do we want?! High-Quality Wieners! How do we want ‘em?! CHEAP!”


So where does this leave us. Well it’s pretty safe to say that National Hotdog month is a very real, corporate-created and driven holiday that people enjoy whether they realize it or not. Because at the end of the day, this special month is about bringing people together to celebrate freedom, family, fun, and of course, the all-mighty hotdog.


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Till next time!


by Tyler Erickson

Digital Marketing Manager, Shopper Intelligence North America

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