You Kill It, You Fill It. TP Rules To Live By.

There very well may not be anything worse than reaching for a few sheets of your favourite 2-ply, and finding nothing but a cardboard tube where sweet softness used to be. You’re then stuck cracking the door, hoping someone is within earshot, and yelling for more TP like you’re Indiana Jones dangling from a cliff for dear life. Like most good (albeit simple) things in life, you never know what you got ‘till it’s gone. Which is why a lot of families pay attention to toilet tissue inventory very carefully, in an effort to avoid situations like the one outlined above.

Over the last 2 weeks, we have talked about the importance of the front page of flyers and how they can drive traffic and spend when used correctly. During our most recent letter to Mister Executive, we talked about innovation through in-store info. Maybe it didn’t occur to anyone but these 2 ideas can be combined to offer a really interesting take on innovation with regard to the flyers. We have some data that can help retailers and manufacturers not only choose what to put on the flyer to drive preference based on promotion, but what makes a specific location a must-choose over others.

But what does that have to do with number 2? Turns out that re-stocking the TP is enough to get just about any family member into the car that day to make a trip. Right along the same lines, diapers are also a big decision maker when it comes to customers choosing not only where, but WHEN to make a shopping trip. Both of these categories along with other underdogs like frozen pizza and laundry detergent, all rank in the top ten out 103 categories across Canada for promotions encouraging shopping, and planned purchases based on a flyer. People care about the TP being on sale, and when it is for a limited time only on the front page of your flyer, you can bet your bottom dollar (see what we did there?) that traffic will increase during that time so folks can stock up. Something to think about so that “an emergency” doesn’t turn into “AN EMERGENCY.”

Surprise categories are everywhere when it comes to what is really driving traffic and spend across Ontario’s banners. We can’t wait to help you experience some surprises of your own. Reach out in the form below, we’d love to chat with you.

by Tyler Erickson

Digital Marketing Manager, Shopper Intelligence Canada

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