You Kill It, You Fill It. TP Rules To Live By.

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There very well may not be anything worse than reaching for a few sheets of your favourite 2-ply, and finding nothing but a cardboard tube where sweet softness used to be. You’re then stuck cracking the door, hoping someone is within earshot, and yelling for more TP like you’re Indiana Jones dangling from a cliff

Water-Works At The Masters

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There are so many play on words in that title, I just can't wait for you to figure them all out!   Let’s get one thing into the open air here. I LOVE GOLF. If I’m not golfing, I’m watching golf. If I’m not watching, I’m thinking about and or dreaming about it. I am truly

Umm, Uh, Hm, *Cough* We’re Gonna Talk About Tampons…

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This is gonna make people uncomfortable right? We should probably tiptoe around the topic and go straight to the data… WRONG! You better get comfortable dear readers, because we’re jumping in with both feet first here. Tampons are fact of life for millions of women. MILLIONS. The Tampon category plays a very influential role amidst

The Top 5 Grocery Categories You’re Not Charging Enough For

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Believe it or not, dropping the price might not always be the solution to earning more business. You could be one of the Unicorn Categories where customers expectations revolve around something OTHER than price, and in even rarer circumstances, shoppers are even willing to pay MORE for the category. We’re going to journey on down

The Art Of The Front Page.

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It’s true. There are categories that consumers simply will not buy because they were on the front page of a weekly flyer. Only specific CPG categories resonate in the way that drives traffic to a store. So next time there is a big meeting about the strategy for the front page of the flyer, base

Shining A Light On Category Focused Trade Investment

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Who doesn’t love a sale? Manufacturers love them because they move more of their specific product, retailers love them because they drive increased traffic and spend, and consumers love them because they save money. Sounds like a win, win … win, right?! It could be, but only if everyone is making effective use of their