Just like Uncle Sam, we at Shopper Intelligence, are talking to YOU!… You being USA shoppers who buy any of more than 100 product categories, and we’re asking folks what’s important to them when they grocery shop. One thing we ask about is their interest in buying products that are “better for them and their families”. We know there is a general trend to be more motivated by health messages, but our data shines a spotlight on just how important it is to deliver healthier options.

Consider the following questions. We asked the “health concerned” and the “health unconcerned” about their shopping habits and discovered how much more engaged the health-nuts are with the shopping experience, which makes them far more “influenceable” and better for driving additional Traffic or Spend. Check it out:

Who are these shoppers really?

They are more likely to be women than men, younger in profile, and better educated, and GET THIS, they tend to be more loyal to their chosen retailer!

So where to from here? Well, retailers will see significant benefit from driving healthier innovation in key categories targeting younger women. Over and above the short term profit of the immediate sale, they will build more loyalty and drive additional Traffic and Spend, multiplying the ROI. Categories where healthiness is of particular importance to shoppers (we rank all categories on this measure) include Yogurts, Vegetables, seafood and vitamins/supplements. So give these more space!

Want to know where your category falls in terms of score? We would if we were you. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch, scorecard in hand, ready to go.